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Over three times the strength-to-weight of plain cardboard tubes
Up to 40% lighter than cardboard or aluminum tubes
Inside wall lined with flocked light trap
Economical optical tube solution
Easy to cut and drill
Moisture resistant
Excellent thermal properties

BlackLite tubes are specifically designed to be telescope tubes, and the diameter, rigidity, optical and thermal properties all have that purpose in mind. BlackLite tubes have Protostar flocked light trap material integrated into the interior tube wall during manufacture, saving you the time and expense of separately installing flocking. The hard exterior is ready-to-paint, or it can be used unpainted.

Phenolic is impregnated into the kraft paper construction resulting in over five times the compression strength of cardboard alone. The tubes are up to 50% lighter than cardboard, and up to 40% lighter than typical aluminum tubes.

BlackLite tubes are easy to cut, drill, sand, and finish. The edges and focuser holes cut and drill cleanly. The surface of the tube is harder and smoother than cardboard. Since the phenolic resin makes the tube water resistant, painting is not necessary, but painting is also a breeze (download "Finishing & Painting BlackLite tubes"). The spiral wound layers are not overlapped, which improves the appearance and also permits the tube to rotate smoothly within rotating mounting rings.

Tubes are available for 6" and 10" Newtonian telescopes. Single tubes up to 48" long, and two-piece tubes (up to 80-inches) can be made using the optional external coupler sections. The joint is stronger than the tube, so there is no sacrifice in rigidity. Made in the U.S.A.

Shipping note: Due to high shipping cost or package size limitations, we cannot ship BlackLite tubes to many countries outside the U.S.A. Please email us to see if we can ship to your country.

Optional accessories

Tube mounting rings, end trim, custom end caps, slip-on light shields, and other accessories are available for BlackLite tubes.




Inside diameter

7.65 in.
(194 mm)

11.45 in.
(291 mm)

Wall thickness

0.12 in.
(2.8 mm)

0.16 in.
(3.6 mm)

Outside diameter (nominal)

7.90 in.
(201 mm)

11.77 in.
(299 mm)

Weight per length

1.0 lbs/ft
(15 g/cm)

1.8 lbs/ft
(27 g/cm)

Total weight of 48" long tube

4.0 lbs
(1.82 kg)

7.2 lbs
(3.28 kg)

Modulus of elasticity, E

1400 ksi
(9.65 GPa)

Inside wall reflectivity
(Avg visible @ 0º AOI)

Black flocked; <0.4% of visible light

Inside wall reflectivity
(Avg visible @ 80º AOI)

Black flocked; <0.7% of visible light

Thermal conductivity, k

0.23 W/m.K

Thermal expansion
coefficient (1/ ºF)

8.0 x 10(-6)

Design temperature range

-25 to 170 º F
(-30 to 75 ºC)

Detailed Product Images
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Download the installation
for BlackLite
telescope tubes. (90 kB pdf)


Part No.


Price (US$)

48-inch long BlackLite tubes


8" dia. BlackLite tube; 48" long (used with 6" dia. mirrors)




12" dia. BlackLite tube; 48" long (used with 10" dia. mirrors)




coupler/extention tube for BL8 tubes; 7.5" length




coupler/extention tube for BL12 tubes; 10.0" length



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